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Countertop Expert Green Commitment

Ecotech, A Green Company

From the very beginning, Countertop.Expert has kept a position of respect and commitment to the environment. Their industrial plants have been in harmonious coexistence with an agricultural sector that requires environmental responsibility.

Countertop.Expert was one of the first conglomerates in the countertop industry that obtained the ISO 14001 certification for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Countertop.Expert  is not just taking part in the green revolution. They have been committed to the environment from the very start of their business.

Countertop.Expert fabricatiob plants are equipped with water depuration and recycling systems, gas burning technology that reduces the consumption and emissions, and other processes and equipment that seek to reduce resource depletion and contamination.


Our environmental practices include:

  • Saving Water and ensuring we recycle as much water as possible in our fabrication process.
  • Saving on reusing our diamond tooling equipment.
  • Remnant sales for smaller projects allows us to minimize stone waste.
  • Laser templates allows us to use computer technology in most projects instead of damaging the earth with plastic strips or killing trees by using wood strips.
  • Reducing our waste by maximizing the material usage of the slabs with our state-of-the-art Robo Saw Jet equipment used to more accurately cut slabs.
  • We have partnered up with various companies that share our same Green concept such as Cambria, Geos, Ice Stone etc.
  • Our office staff is committed to minimizing use of paper by using computers and specialized software.



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