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Natural Stones > Soapstone

Natural Stones > Soapstone

Soapstone is far too overlooked when it comes to home stone installation. It is usually more expensive than granite or marble, but its value is immense, and the rewards many. Soapstone gets its name from its softness. To the touch, it feels almost silky, thanks to the presence of the soft talc in its composition. Because the stone is soft, it is quarried in smaller pieces than marble or granite, and you’ll rarely be able to find lengths of slabs longer than seven feet. If your project is large, be aware that you will have visible seams between pieces.

It is also extremely heat resistant. You’ll be able to put pans directly on the surface, and it makes an ideal fireplace hearth! It’s impervious to bacteria, and also to weather if you’re hoping to use it in outdoor stone design.

One of the best things about soapstone could also be construed as a disadvantage. There isn’t much color variety when it comes to soapstone, typically ranging from gray to black with very little or no color. Of course, this slate look is exactly what most soapstone buyers are looking for. It’s modern and austere, timeless, and always impressive. Soapstone looks at home in kitchens of every era, and makes sense in a vintage or rustic kitchen or one remodeled to be very contemporary.



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